Dave Fletcher’s holistic approach to weight loss and general fitness is thorough and thoughtful. The thoroughness is in the explanations of the links between stress, diet, sleep patterns, hormonal balance, healthy eating, and weight gain.
By making me aware of all the contributing factors, I’ve been able to make small changes in a number of areas, which have, together, made a dramatic difference to my body shape and health. In 4 months I have managed to shed over a stone in weight, simply by following the nutrition plan and exercising with Dave in our personal training sessions.
The thoroughness in Dave’s approach has also lead me to be much more thoughtful in my day to day eating habits. Gone are any hints of processed foods, and the dangerous treats like cafe lattes. This increased awareness has followed through into an realisation of how much stress one carries during the day, and how to improve the quality of my sleep, which in turn, has created a virtuous cycle: my ability to eat well improves, and I exercise regularly, and therefore, I have managed to achieve more stable weight loss, and a more sustainable, and healthy, weight level.
This encourages me to keep going, which keeps me on this virtuous cycle. The best part of the programme was that I didn’t have to exercise like a lunatic or completely change my eating habits. I exercised with Dave twice a week, which was challenging and enjoyable.
As soon as I started making wiser choices with my food, my energy levels shot up and the weight dropped off. This was all the motivation I needed to carry on. I highly recommend Dave Fletcher to anyone looking to understand more about his or her body type and achieve long-term weight loss.
Yuen-Wei Chew