I met with Dave Fletcher for an initial meeting after a friend recommended him to me. A city office job with long hours had left me with a build up of body fat, poor posture and in need of a physical challenge.
Dave was able to identity with these issues and created a training and nutrition plan tailored to my body type / hormone balance that stripped body fat, built muscle and improved my posture. Immediately I was very impressed with his approach towards Personal Training and his initial assessment, which set the blueprint for achieving my goals.
I had no real initial expectations of what could be achieved given my body type but within a handful of weeks I was stronger, fitter and leaner. Dave’s training methodology made Personal Training sessions a joy. In the five years prior to meeting Dave my exercise plan had been primarily marathon training.
The results I achieved (both mentally and physically) far surpassed that of a cardio based programme. I was now eating better, training harder and was much more productive when in (and out) of the gym. It is embarrassing to think how I used to train given what I have been taught in the past 6 months.
He knowledge, depth and understanding caters for all body types and end goals. I highly recommend his six-week plan to anyone looking for long-term change.
Tom Bradley