I got in touch with Dave because for around 3-4 months I wasn’t looking after myself at all. I felt lethargic and very unhealthy. His reputation spoke volumes so didn’t hesitate to call.
One thing that struck me immediately was how professional, thorough and knowledgeable Dave is. That immediately put me at ease. It was a no brainer to work with Dave. The six-week programme was completely mind blowing. The gym work and the food plan I immersed myself in was completely transformational. I’m still in shock (in a good way).
Muscles have now been revealed I never knew existed, my core strength has increased massively and I can look in the mirror and am really proud of what I see. Plus I have loads more energy too. David is without the doubt THE BEST personal trainer I have EVER worked with.
His attention to detail, infinite knowledge about his craft and no nonsense approach gets stunning results. The stretching warm down at the end of every session was a bonus for me. I’d never experienced a PT do that before. Be warned – if you are looking for an easy ride, don’t bother calling him.
I would highly recommend training with Dave is you are looking for massive results. The question is, why would you not train with him?
Steve Trister