In eight weeks Dave Fletcher reduced my bodyfat by 5.8% to reach my lowest ever reading of 7%. He got me to pack on a kilogram of muscle, dropped my overall bodyweight and showed me, (a man who’s been strength training and writing about it for one of the UK’s biggest fitness publications for more than seven years), a bunch of innovative, effective moves I’d never seen before.

Dave is a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness Magazine. His all-encompassing approach to achieving fat loss results has proven to be a big hit with our readers. Our recent 8-week ‘Get Ripped’ web feature (where Dave guided me through an 8-week functional training programme to help me drop fat and gain muscle) proved to be one of our most popular features this year. To my mind he’s a personal trainer with very few equals. Want eye-popping results? Dave’s your man.

Nick Hutchings – Former Men’s Fitness Editor