Dave’s fat loss and healthy living plan literally changed my life. When I came to him, I was already losing some weight, but wasn’t excersising and had no idea how to get myself motivated or how to shape a body that was all flab.
So, when a friend recommended Dave, I decided to haul my lazy self to my first ever personal training session. Only, what I’ve realised since, Dave is not a personal trainer, he is a Body Doctor. He knows EXACTLY what each individual body needs to drop fat, balance key hormones, gain maximum health and strength- and this has an effect not just on your weight and muscles, but on your entire life.
In our first session Dave took me through his assessment and told me which hormonal imbalances were causing my fat storage, which was fascinating.
He also explained to me that we needed to strengthen my back, and the fact that I had strength imbalances between my left and right legs were causing me pain. I was not expecting an all-over-body doctor, but that is exactly what Dave is, something that no other trainer can do and this is what makes him so unique.
He not only helped me tone up and look my absolute best, he made me aware of what my body needed; and after re assessing each week, he could tell me exactly where my weak points had been that week- without me even opening my mouth!
Meeting Dave has changed my life. As a professional Opera Singer, it is vital to be slim and look like a celebrity, otherwise your career is either over, or highly minimised. I never would have landed my current full-time (as an opera singer!!) position at a prestigious Opera House in Germany had it not been for Dave. And I know for a fact, that NO other person would have had the skill to achieve the results he did for me.
Melanie Lang – Professional Opera Singer