I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the gym. I really like working out but I’d often quickly become disillusioned after seeing very little reward for my efforts. I came across Dave’s six-week programme after browsing through the Men’s Fitness online magazine.
My experience of personal training in the past was that it just became an on-going and expensive habit with little returns in terms of results. I was looking for an expert who really understood what my body needed and to take complete control over what I should be doing in the gym, what to eat and what supplements I should be taking. I can safely say that I found this whilst working with Dave.
I was instantly attracted to Dave’s programme for three main reasons. (1) The fact that realistic and specific targets were to be set based on my body type and my goals. (2) The results other people like me had achieved by following his programme, and (3) the fact that it was six-weeks rather than an ongoing investment which had been my previous experience with personal training. I’d added a very modest amount of mass in the past few years but my motivation this time was to achieve a more beach ‘cut’ look by shedding body fat.
I’m a naturally slight person and frustratingly my body type ensures that I always struggled to add muscle and keep it on, so for that reason I was sceptical that I’d be able to strip away fat without losing all of the hard earned ‘size’ tirelessly worked for over the past few years.
Firstly, with Dave motivating me, I was really blown away at how far I could push myself. I have never worked so hard and enjoyed it so much. The real bonus however is that Dave ensures the education isn’t just in the gym. During the course I completely transformed the way I ate and learned a huge amount about how different hormonal imbalances were effecting where fat was stored on my body (in particular my stomach). It was amazing to finally understand what I had been doing wrong in the past and more importantly what I needed to do to make the changes I wanted to make. The result? Well, basically my body fat visibly dropped. I felt and looked so much fitter, stronger and leaner and I actually went on a beach shirtless for the first time in my life, which was nothing short of a miracle for me.
Having completed the six-week programme, I am now training on my own under the guidance of a new programme designed by Dave. Going to the gym is now a completely different experience. I now know what works for my body, I know how to set realistic goals, how hard to push myself, and most of all I am motivated for each workout. All in all, working with Dave was a huge success! I would strongly recommend working with him. His methods surpass any other trainer I have worked with.
Marc Hagan–Guirey