I heard about Dave through word of mouth; always the ideal way I think. As a performer one should always look ones best – there’s no such thing as a fat opera singer with horns anymore! Moreover, my costumes seemed to be getting skimpier and skimpier which is what compelled me to make a change.
I’ve been with Dave for nearly five months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He didn’t just give me some fad diet and impossible gym routine but a change in lifestyle and programmes that were easy to follow yet demanding. Seeing the transformation in the mirror kept me going back to the gym time after time, not to mention the exclamations of delight and envy from friends and family, four of whom are now working with Dave too.
The “Fletcher Factor” kicked in just as the hot weather arrived and it was then I realised how much more confident I felt about my body, not to mention the effects it had on my stamina during sometimes athletic rehearsal sessions. I have absolute confidence in Dave’s qualifications and knowledge of the body, and through his advice I really know what’s going on with mine.
I’m a happier and much healthier person since starting with Dave, from whom I have learnt many practical lifestyle skills that I know, will stand me in good stead in the years to come.
Lilly Papaioannou – Professional opera singer