I always wondered why exercising daily and eating what I thought was a healthy diet never really changed my body shape or gave me a feeling of good health. With my 40th birthday party fast approaching, I needed to make sure I fitted into my new dress.
I decided to take advantage of Dave and his six-week female fat loss programme, which I had heard about through a friend. Dave went through my eating plan, advised me of my body type and hormonal imbalances, the types of food I should be eating in order to reduce my body fat percentage and how to maximise my time more efficiently whilst exercising.
The level of information and knowledge was far beyond anything I had heard from other PT’s I have encountered in the past. Prior to starting my six-week plan with Dave, I would exercise everyday focusing mainly on cardio. My food intake was generally higher in carbs than protein.
I now have a clear idea of what to eat and how to make better choices, one of which is ensuring that I have a protein-based breakfast. I have stopped eating sugary foods and instead grab a handful of nuts. With regard to exercise, I am more mindful of the type of exercise I do and make sure its mostly interval training which ensures I continue to burn calories even when I am not exercising.
Dave has shown me simple but really effective exercises that I can do on my own. I am so much more focused on getting greater benefits for not doing the excessive amount of exercise that I was doing. My whole outlook is different and as a result I have dropped 1 dress size from size 10 to size 8 and lost 3.5% body fat.
This is just the beginning for me and the way in which I want to continue. With time, my body shape and my new eating pattern will become part of my everyday life. The most important thing for me is that I feel more healthy and alert.
Thank you Dave for teaching me some basics that will keep me grounded in terms of my outlook towards eating and exercise forever. I would strongly recommend Dave and his female fat Loss plan to anyone who wants to lose weight and understand exactly what their body type needs for long term results.
Jay Mistry