My first New Year’s resolution was to reduce my body fat levels. Upon hearing this, my husband immediately recommended that I have some advice and personal training sessions with his trainer Dave Fletcher.
Though initially reluctant to drop the cardiovascular focus of my then current training, Dave urged me to be open-minded and commit to his fat loss program. For six weeks I followed his specifications on training and rest to the letter. The results of which have been dramatic.
From my initial consult at 15.8%, I am now a leaner, stronger and happier 11.3%. I have lost nearly 5% of body fat, yet built 2kg of muscle. One of the factors that has most impressed me is that this type of training has left me feeling energised and stimulated.
Dave’s approach and methodology is clear, concise, simple and fun to follow. His assessment which included monitoring body composition allows potential stumbling blocks and specific ‘problem areas’ to be identified and addressed making the overall program and recommendations very tailored to suit the individual. I have come to realise that my previous belief of ‘train harder to get into better shape’ simply does not work and it is actually ‘train smarter’!
Dave has inspired me in a new form of training, which I now know to be extremely effective. I place enormous value on his guidance and motivation. A huge thank you.
Dr Bridget Sanderson