Before I started working with Dave, I’d seen a few personal trainers already, and although I would undoubtedly work hard with these trainers, the sessions teamed with my regular routine of long runs and light resistance training didn’t seem to be getting me out of my plateau.

I was in good shape and felt fit but something was missing – I couldn’t shift those last pounds or bring out the definition I wanted to. The sessions I started to do with Dave were unlike anything I’d done before – it was bespoke and made sense to me as an individual, regarding my goals and lifestyle. He used his hormonal profiling assessment with me at the start and produced amazing feedback including: linking my areas of fat storage to hormonal imbalance, (concluding that oestrogen imbalance was preventing optimum fat burning). This provided the basis of my nutrition plan.

He also advised me towards specific types of exercises routines, which would suit my body type (i.e. exactly how much weights versus cardio I needed to do). It turns out, the long runs and the high reps were the obstacles preventing me from achieving my fat loss goal. Not only that, but I looked forward to every session as the work is so varied that it never gets boring. I wanted to challenge myself every week.

This, coupled with the nutritional advice he gave me took my body straight out of a rut and had me leaner than ever, and performing better in sports. I was faster, more powerful, and most importantly, I felt confident and strong. As a journalist for Women’s Fitness, the training has been invaluable to me in terms of knowledge of fat loss for women. Dave has written features for us and appeared as an expert on fat loss and exercise and I believe he gives our readers a refreshing outlook on weight loss and fitness.

Amanda Khouv – Health and Fitness Writer – Women’s Fitness Magazine