Dave Fletcher is a well known, London based personal trainer with an impressive track record of achieving results with his clients. Since 2004, Dave has built up a client base in central London of city professionals, Doctors, professional athletes, journalists, busy mums and celebrities. He is also an author and fitness industry speaker, which has taken him around the country helping fellow fitness professionals to build stronger businesses.  

Prior to qualifying as a personal trainer at Loughborough College in 2003, Dave represented England in amateur kickboxing, reaching a top 10 world ranking, and winning three British amateur titles. This passion for training and personal development was the driving force behind becoming a personal trainer and joining the fitness industry. 


 My methods…

‘I like to work with long term success in mind, rather than taking people through unmaintainable transformations over a short period of time. I don’t consider before and after photos taken 12-weeks apart  as proof of success. My idea of achieving success with a client is to work with them for an agreed period of time, and teach them the necessary tools to be lean, healthy, fit and strong forever. If I work with a client for 12-weeks, I will guide them through a plan to specifically address their goal. I will also teach them how to take the protocols and new habits, and apply them into their everyday life without me. There is no greater success story for a coach than to work with a client for a period of time, and for that client to go from strength to strength in the months and years following your time together. 

The first step with any new client is to establish their goal. From experience, a lot of people are not completely sure what they want to achieve, but they do know that they need help from a professional to put a plan together which suits them. Once the goal has been clearly established, the next stage is to take the client through an assessment. I will establish which genetic body type you are, where you hold your body fat, any muscular or structural imbalances you have, and how you respond to cardio and resistance training. These are the principles which will allow me to put together a bespoke exercise and nutrition plan to guide you though. 

As a fat loss specialist, some of the key areas I consider when designing programme for my clients are:

  • Matching calorie intake with energy ependiture
  • Creating an exercise plan with your genetic body shape and long term goals in mind
  • Addressing your hormonal health 
  • Liver and digestive health

The fundaments to any programme are based on getting the basics right. These include consuming the right calories from good food, exercising regularly and getting enough rest. Beyond these, addressing hormonal health, improving digestion and liver health are vital to any long term success. All of these factors can be addressed though a tailored exercise, nutrition and supplementation plan. 

With regards to hormonal health, where you store body fat, is a reflection of your hormonal health. Are there areas on your body which you struggle to shift fat from however much exercise you do? You might not know that if you store body fat around the stomach and back area, you may be over producing insulin and cortisol (usually through consuming too much carbohydrate and not letting your body rest enough). Equally, body fat around the legs/buttocks and chest is a strong indicator of oestrogen and testosterone imbalance. These can be addressed by improving the quality of your foods, exercising regularly, quality rest and the assistance of some key supplements like zinc and vitamin D. The liver also plays a huge role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, so it is vital to include some ‘healthy liver’ protocols within any long term health plan.


Qualifications and Education…

I originally qualified as a personal trainer at Loughborough Collage in 2003 through the YMCA. Since then, my studies have taken me all over the world, where I have learned from key figures including Charles Poliquin, Paul Chek and JC Santana. 


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